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What Is A TMJ Specialist?

TMJ specialists are dental professionals who diagnose, manage, and treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction and disorders, commonly known as TMJ and TMD. They have typically pursued extensive additional training and focused their practices to address the needs of patients struggling with jaw disorders while at the same time being skilled in identifying and treating other challenging orofacial pain problems, inclusive of persistent toothaches, nerve pain disorders, and headaches.

Our TMJ Specialists 

At New York TMJ and Orofacial Pain, our team of TMJ specialists are leaders in the field due to their years of experience advising and treating patients, their commitment to teaching and their scholarly and patient-centered publications. Our TMJ specialists are focused on helping you understand your problem and feel better.

As TMJ/TMD problems are essentially orthopedic problems in your jaw, treatment for TMJ/TMD problems always starts with providing education and then a combination of options, including medications, home care strategies and exercises, therapeutic joint, tendon and muscle injections (including BOTOX®), intra-oral appliances, relaxation strategies, and at times a referral for physical therapy and/or chiropractic care.  (To see a complete list, click here)

We Specialize In TMJ Care

If you are suffering from jaw pain, headaches in your temples, the inability to open your mouth (often called lockjaw), a bite change, or jaw clicking and popping, you likely have a TMJ disorder. These are common and familiar problems in our office, so you are in the right place!

As TMJ specialists, we know what to do to help with these problems. Our knowledge, experience, and compassion will provide the reassurance and solutions you are looking for.

We have three convenient offices: Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. To make an appointment, call us at (888) 560-6674 or click here to contact us, and we’ll get back to you right away.