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Relaxation Techniques For TMJ

Much evidence suggests there is a strong link between TMJ problems and stress. Stressful events over which you have no control can wreak havoc on your emotions – and your body.

And it may be the culprit if you have jaw pain, facial pain, unexplained headaches, or a persistent toothache.

Depending upon the nature and cause of your problem, there’s a good chance that relaxation techniques for TMJ will be part of your treatment plan here. At New York TMJ & Orofacial Pain, we help people who suffer from TMJ problems get better.

Why Relaxation Techniques For TMJ Can Be Effective

When you are under stress for a long period of time or if your emotional world is characterized by anger, sadness, loneliness, loss of control, worry, or anxiety, your brain can become “upset.”

An upset brain can lead to compromised breathing, poor head posture, shoulder tension, and a variety of behaviors such as daytime teeth clenching, nail or cuticle biting, chewing on pens or ice, biting your lips, etc. These fatiguing postures and jaw over-use behaviors can put tremendous strain on your jaw joints and muscles and potentially lead to facial pain, jaw pain, headaches (that seem to have no cause), and unexplained persistent toothaches.

You can’t change many of the stressors in your life, but you can control how you respond to them, and that’s why relaxation techniques for TMJ can help.

Our staff at New York TM & Orofacial Pain is led by board-certified Orofacial Pain specialists who combine compassion and empathy with their decades of experience and training to help people with TMJ problems feel better and heal. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are just two of the many treatment methods we offer.  

As a result of our ongoing philosophy of assessment and care, we have earned the trust of healthcare practitioners in the New York City metropolitan region who are a significant part of our referral network. They have put their faith in our practices because they know we invest the time to understand not only a patient’s primary problem but also the person attached to it.

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