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Relieve Pain and Protect Your Health with TMJ Treatment in New Jersey

Have you experienced the signs that you need TMJ treatment in New Jersey? Jaw tension, muscle tenderness, and frequent headaches could all be linked to a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. If you experience pain or dysfunction in your jaw, it’s time to talk to the best TMJ specialist in New Jersey.

Effective treatment can eliminate pain, protect your teeth and bone structures, and allow you to live life without discomfort. Explore the symptoms and options for TMJ treatment in New Jersey and book your consultation today.

When Should You See TMJ Dentists in New Jersey?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, often shortened to TMJ, are a variety of conditions that affect the joints of the jaw and the surrounding muscles. TMJ dentists in New Jersey have specific training to diagnose and treat these disorders.

There are telltale symptoms that can indicate it’s time to visit TMJ dentists in New Jersey.

  • Pain and tenderness around the joint between the mouth and ears. Pain can radiate throughout the face in severe cases. This is the most common reason people visit TMJ dentists in New Jersey.
  • Difficulty when fully opening or closing the mouth.
  • Frequent headaches, especially around the temples. These are often felt behind the eyes.
  • Facial pain and discomfort.
  • Stiffness and tenderness in the muscles around the jaw.
  • Difficulty or discomfort when speaking and chewing.
  • Headaches around the temples.
  • A misaligned bite (the way your top and bottom teeth come together).
  • Frequently having a sore neck in the mornings.
  • A feeling of pressure building up in the ears.
  • Frequent cramps in the jaw (lockjaw).

A single symptom doesn’t always mean you need TMJ treatment in New Jersey. More than one symptom increases the likelihood that you have a TMJ problem. The best way to diagnose the condition behind these symptoms is to talk to the best TMJ dentists in New Jersey.

Methods of Treating TMJ in New Jersey

Treating TMJ in New Jersey requires precision and a deep understanding of the biomechanical aspects of the face and jaws. The best TMJ specialist in New Jersey possesses the skills and training to ensure positive treatment outcomes.

Treating TMJ in New Jersey alleviates symptoms and mitigates the underlying causes.

Examples of treatments include:

  • Intra-oral appliances that treat pain, lockjaw, sleep bruxism, and breathing disorders.
  • Therapeutic infusions for pain, spasms, and inflammation.
  • BOTOX® injections for pain and headache relief.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques.
  • Specialized exercises.
  • Home care strategies and behavioral modification to eliminate triggers like stress and jaw over-use.

Specialized dental appliances are effective for treating TMJ in New Jersey. Splints and mouth guards are worn to protect teeth and align the jaw. In some cases, orthodontic correction might be needed to treat TMJ.

Each case is unique. You’ll learn about the best treatment approach when you visit the best TMJ specialist in New Jersey.

Avoid Long-Term TMJ Damage in New Jersey

There’s a risk of long-term complications without effective treatment with the best TMJ specialist in New Jersey. The severity of TMJ damage in New Jersey can be directly linked to how long patients wait before receiving a diagnosis.

Some risks of TMJ damage in New Jersey include:

  • Chronic pain around the jaw, face, and neck.
  • Continued degeneration of the Temporomandibular Joint.
  • Progressive decreased range of motion in the jaw.
  • TMJ damage in New Jersey is a precursor to Arthritis.
  • Severe tooth and orthodontic complications like misalignment, premature wear, cracks, and flattening.
  • TMJ damage in New Jersey leads to Chronic migraines.
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing (increasing the risk of dietary and digestive issues).
  • Loss of sleep (increasing the risk of a range of health complications).
  • A general loss in quality of life.

The physiological impact of TMJ damage is both painful and uncomfortable. The psychological impact of TMJ damage can be just as disruptive. Frequent pain and limits on daily activity can cause long-term mental health issues.

Help is available. Overcome TMJ damage with the best TMJ specialist in New Jersey.

Is TMJ Treatment in New Jersey Covered by Insurance?

We do not participate in any medical insurance networks and treatments with New York TMJ & Orofacial Pain are billed at the time of service. We are transparent with all billing and we’ll communicate exact fees before your visit so there are no surprises.

If your policy allows out-of-network coverage, we’ll provide standard diagnostic and treatment codes with a superbill that you can submit to your provider. We will promptly provide supporting documents like letters of medical necessity and other information to assist you in your reimbursement.

Schedule an Appointment with the Best TMJ Specialist in New Jersey

Protect your oral health, improve your quality of life, and have confidence knowing that TMJ issues are treatable. With the best TMJ specialist in New Jersey, you’ll get world-class care with a detailed treatment plan. Don’t let TMJ complications develop further. Book your consultation for TMJ treatment in New Jersey at New York TMJ & Orofacial Pain today.