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Steven B. Syrop, DDS

Board-Certified Specialist in Orofacial Pain

When you’re in constant pain, every part of your life is affected – your social life, your professional life, and your family life. If you have jaw pain, facial pain, headaches, or other TMJ or Orofacial Pain symptoms, your pain can be persistent, intense, and frightening – especially when you don’t know what’s causing it.

Facial pain, one of the most debilitating forms of pain, is often caused by over-used jaw muscles, an overloaded jaw joint, or nerves that fire and mimic dental pain. Many medical conditions can contribute to facial pain, such as arthritis and autoimmune disease. Stress can exacerbate pain problems no matter what their cause and can cause more tooth grinding and jaw clenching. The good news is that the majority of patients heal and heal well.

For over three decades, Dr. Steven Syrop has been dedicated to helping people suffering from painful TMJ and Orofacial Pain problems get better. His caring and compassionate approach starts with getting to know you as a person and understanding how pain is affecting your life. His philosophy is “treat the person, not the pain,” and thousands of patients found hope and healing under his care.

Dr. Syrop has a conservative approach – instead of rushing into invasive or irreversible treatments, he believes in letting the body heal naturally. The overwhelming majority of patients who come to Dr. Syrop for care recover. When they realize he has seen their symptoms time and time again and they are not the sign of a serious medical condition, it gives them hope. And hope is the first step to healing. He practices in our White Plains office.

A Leader In The Field

Dr. Syrop has been at the forefront of the field of Orofacial Pain for his entire career. He is a graduate of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. He taught at the Columbia Dental School for over twenty-five years, in addition to running his private practice. He also served as the director of the Oral Facial Pain Program at Columbia. Dr. Syrop was Chief of TMD at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Campus, and was a faculty member at Weill Medical College for many years.

In addition to his position at New York TMJ & Orofacial Pain, Dr. Syrop is the co-director of the TMD-Orofacial Pain program at Touro College of Dental Medicine. He remains devoted to teaching and mentoring young dentists interested in the field of Orofacial Pain.

Trusted By Other Doctors

Dr. Syrop is highly regarded by his medical and dental colleagues, who consistently refer their patients to him. They are confident they will be treated by an experienced, highly trained, and knowledgeable doctor who will allay their fears and help them to heal and recover.

Academic Appointments

Touro College of Dental Medicine 2019 – present Co-Director, TMD-Orofacial Pain Program
New York Presbyterian Hospital 1997 – 2020 Section Chief – Temporomandibular Disorders Services
Weill Cornell Medical Center – Division of Dentistry 1997 – 2020 Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery Section Chief, TMD Services
Columbia University – College of Dental Medicine 1995 – 2020
Associate Clinical Professor, lecturer, Orofacial Pain Program
Ethics In Dentistry Seminar
Director – TMD/Facial Pain Program
New York University – School of Dentistry 1999 – 2006 Ethics In Dentistry Seminar

Leadership Positions & Society Memberships

American Board of Orofacial Pain Member Diplomate
American Academy of Orofacial Pain Member Fellow
New York County Dental Society Member Multiple committee assignments including strategic planning, ethics, and the Spanadel Award Committee.
American Dental Association Member Board-Certified Specialist in Orofacial Pain
New York Academy of Dentistry Member Board of Directors Chairman of multiple committees,board of directors, executive committee chairman, senior advisory committee, education committee, chairman, program committee chairman, constitution, and bylaws, chairman.
American College of Dentists Member
American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Member
Ninth District Dental Society Member

Authorship & Publications

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America, Medical Management of Temporomandibular Disorders Pharmacological management of Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction
The Important Role of Motion in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Mandibular Hypomobility – A Review of the Literature. Dr. H.A. Israel & Dr. Steven B. Syrop The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice

Honors & Awards

American Dental Association Recognition For Volunteer Service – Tanzania
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
Honorary Police Surgeon New York City Police Department Treatment of police officers injured in the line of duty.


Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Doctor of Dental Surgery – DDS


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