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As a healthcare professional, you certainly realize that few parts of your body play as many roles in everyday life as the mouth, teeth, jaws, facial muscles, and other related structures. Daily acts of self-expression, such as talking, laughing, or smiling, use these structures to shape the sounds we make and help mold our appearance. They also work together to help all of our patients enjoy their favorite foods.

If, however, someone comes to your office suffering from Orofacial Pain or a temporomandibular problem (TMD), it is quite possible that their whole world has changed. These conditions can disrupt nearly every aspect of a person’s daily life.

In addition to causing physical discomfort, Orofacial Pain and TMD can significantly alter dietary choices, lead to medication overuse, limit intimacy, and ultimately be responsible for emotional distress and frustration.

Where to send these patients for personal and responsible care is something you need to know. We have years of experience and commitment to teaching dental students, residents, and peers. Our practice is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat patients who present with Orofacial Pain, temporomandibular disorders, headaches, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Here, your patients will be treated with the compassion, understanding, and personal attention that you want and that they deserve.

Though these are difficult problems, we embrace these patients, validate their symptoms, and assure them that their symptoms are real and not “in their head.”

This philosophy has helped us in our individual practices and now in our new combined practice to improve the quality of life for thousands of patients who suffer from painful orofacial conditions.

We can make a difference for those suffering needlessly, and you can be assured that we will make every effort to help your patients on the road to recovery.

Donald R. Tanenbaum, DDS MPH | Steven B. Syrop, DDS, MS

Read Our Professional Newsletter

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